How to find and fly a Fighter Plane in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

Getting a hold of Caldera’s most dangerous vehicle.

Image via Activision

Of all of the vehicles accessible to players in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s Vanguard Royale mode, the Fighter Plane is easily the best to nab — making it a hot ticket item. As many squads will be hunting for these at the beginning of a match, it will be difficult to come upon if you’re trying to search for a plane later in the game. Once found, though, the Fighter Plane has the ability to take out numerous enemies and overpowered machinery.

Fighter Planes can be discovered in Caldera through five main locations, but Airfield is likely your safest bet. This is due to Airfield being the only place that holds more than just one of the Fighter Planes, as you’ll see five of them in the back of the landing strip. If Airfield is out of the question, below you can discover the specific areas where a plane is hiding. This includes Runway, Arsenal, Mines, and south of Fields.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you’ve obtained a plane, you can begin to take flight by pressing down on the left stick, and holding it down will also provide a small speed boost. If it may be going to fast for your liking, you can utilize its Air Brakes by pressing on the left bumper (or G on keyboard). To fire, simply hold down the same button used for firing weapon. It should be noted that those who prefer to use an inverted control scheme only while flying can do so through the Setting menu’s Controller tab — as it is the fourth option listed from the top.