Where to buy Dark Moon Grass in Demon’s Souls

Get this vendor and stock up on Moon Grass.

Image via FromSoftware.

If this is your first time playing Demon’s Souls, you will quickly notice how hard it is to find a reliable source of Moon Grass in the game. It’s incredibly important to be stocked up on Moon Grass at all times, as it’s your primary healing item. Thankfully, you can acquire a vendor early on that sells Dark Moon Grass. Dark Moon Grass is a great heal and also has the added bonus of curing poison and plague status effects. This guide will walk you through how to acquire the Dark Moon Grass vendor, Patches the Hyena.

Locating Patches the Hyena

To get Patches in The Nexus, you will need to first meet them near the Armor Spider Archstone. This is the second Archstone you will encounter in World 2 and is located in Stonefang Tunnel.

  1. From this Archstone, you will notice two diverging paths. The right path is the short path to the Amor Spider boss, while the left path is the longer route. Take the left path and run through the tunnel with the exploding carts.
  2. Activate the elevator and ride it down.
  3. Head down the narrow tunnel until you reach the exit.
  4. Exit the tunnel, and you will see Patches waiting for you on the ledge outside.

Falling for his trap

Patches will be a familiar face if you’ve played any of the Souls games. And if you recognize him, you will know to be cautious. He’s known for his mischievous nature, but you will have to resist your urge to kill him for the time being. He’ll inform you of some treasure directly behind a Bearbug hanging from the rafters. Run for the treasure and watch as Patches laughs at you as the Bearbug falls to block your escape. After killing the Bearbug, return to The Nexus, and you will see Patches waiting for you. Talk to him, and after he begs forgiveness, he will now remain in The Nexus and sell you items.