Where to catch Blue-winged Serpe in New World

Where can you find the Blue-winged Serpe?

When you’re searching for the Blue-winged Serpe in New World, you’ll have to search in a specific region of the world to find the correct fishing spots. Unlike many fish in New World, you can’t find the Blue-winged Serpe merely by increasing your luck and fishing trade skill. Instead, you have to go to a specific location, and even then, your chances of catching this legendary fish are low. In this guide, we break down where you need to go to catch the Blue-winged Serpe in New World and how to increase your chances of finding it.

The only region that has a chance for you to catch a Blue-winged Serpe is in the Great Cleave. This is a higher-level region recommended for players in the 41 to 50 range. If you haven’t reached this level yet, you may need an escort of stronger players to bring you here. The below images shows off the best fishing locations you can find in the Great Cleave.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are only two locations in Great Cleave. The one fishing spot to the east is a ‘broad’ Fishing Hotspot, which means it has the lowest chances for you to obtain a legendary fish. But there is a much better chance to catch one in the western location. This area is a ‘secret’ fishing spot, providing you with the best chances of potentially catching a Blue-winged Serpe in New World.

You can increase your chances by using Firefly bait each time you cast out your line. You’ll also want to search for a Fishing Hotspot, which is indicated by the multiple jumping fish at a specific location in the water.