Where to catch Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley

It’s a good day for fishing.

There are several fish you’ll be hunting for in Stardew Valley, and it can become a little bit difficult to figure out what time of year they appear and in what location. Tiger Trout can appear in two seasons, which makes them a bit more available than some of the rarer fish.

You can catch Tiger Trout during the Fall and Winter months. They only show in the rough, to the south part of town. You don’t want to go to the streams that on the eastern portions, from the mountain or the ones that lead to the ocean. Instead, directly south of Pelican Town is a good spot, or to the bodies of water to the far south of your farm.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You may need to capture Tiger Trout for Willy as there are requests he has for you to capture one to four of them on the help wanted board. Alternatively, you can add them to a fish pond to produce roe. You can receive one roe when you have one to four Tiger Trout in a pond, or you can increase the chances of acquiring two roe when you have five to nine Tiger Trout. They’re also used in a handful of recipes, such as sashimi, maki rolls, and quality fertilizer.