Where to collect metal resources in Chapter 2 of The Gunk

Make your power glove as good as new.

Screenshot by Gamepur

During the beginning of Chapter 2 of The Gunk, you are given the mission to find 20 metal resources within the level. Some are tricky to find, so let’s help you get them all. At the end of this section, you’ll be able to craft the Glove Grip Soldering.

From the perspective of the ship, turn right and go down the hill at the end of the path. Once you’ve reached the red river, go right and you’ll see a cave entrance. Enter and you’ll see a stack of metal on the left-hand side. Now, use your power glove. It will feel “so bad” as you collect the metal. On the opposite side, you’ll see metal that’s grey and blue in the corner.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Keep exploring the cave and go up the hill. You’ll see a yellow-marked rock on the left. Climb it and collect the blue metal. Continue on the ascent and you should be able to notice some blue rocks sticking out of the cave face. Suck this in too.

Don’t go the vine on the left yet. The last few metal resources are around the corner to your right. Now that you have all the metal you need, head back to the ship by slipping down the vine. Go to the workbench that is glittering in yellow and install your upgrades by pressing the Y button. You can now grab, carry, and throw objects with your new and improved glove.