Where to farm Smithing Stones (1) in Elden Ring – Limgrave Tunnels location

No longer worry about Smithing Stones.

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Smithing Stones are exceptionally useful in Elden Ring as you need them to upgrade your weapons, enhancing them to make fighting against bosses and standard enemies much easier. The problem with these upgrade items is that finding them can take some time. Although for those seeking Smithing Stones (1), there’s a reliable location you’ll want to see. This guide covers where to farm Smithing Stones (1) in Elden Ring.

You’ll want to visit a specific dungeon, the one north of Dragon-burnt Ruins. You can find this location after the dragon lands in this lake, which you can run past and avoid, so long as you’re using your horse. The dungeon you want to explore is called Limgrave Tunnels.

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You’ll find several miners working away on the tunnels inside the tunnels. The miners have a good chance to drop the Smithing Stones (1), allowing you to run through the dungeon, grab what you need, and then start it over to grab even more. We’ve discovered that the miners with large backpacks on their backs full of rocks typically have a good chance of dropping these stones for you to use. You can run through this area as many times as you need to secure more Smithing Stones (1) to use during your journey in Elden Ring.