Where to find a fuse to open the locked doors in Cold Storage – Surgeon Simulator 2

Keep it frosty.

Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 isn’t just about slapdash surgeries with apparently broken hands, it is also about trying to figure out what the lunatics who built the hospital were thinking, and how to solve the problems they are causing you.

Fuze Location

In Cold Storage, you will need to track down a fuze to open the door to the cold storage room. When you enter the surgery, go through the door on the left and you will see three grates in the wall in front of you. Pull the boxes away from the grate at the very end, then pull it out of the wall.

Go inside, ducking to get through the vent, and you will come to a room with a fuze in the wall. Grab it and pull it out, then return to the main hallway. Tear out the second grate and place the fuze in there. Go inside and grab the diagnostic scanner from the back of the room and bring it to the surgery.

New Location

Now, go back to the room and grab as many yellow and red syringes as you can. When you have enough supplies, go the grate that is nearest to the cold storage room, and pull it out of the wall. This will reveal a spot for the fuze. Put it in there, and the door will open. Check on the scanner to see which organs you need from cold storage, then use the conveyor belt to transfer them to the surgery.

After that, you can head back and perform the surgery that Bob need, saving another life in a hospital that appears to be designed to kill people.