Where to find a lynx in New World

It’s prowling around, waiting for you to find it.

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You can find and hunt several animals in New World to provide you useful resources and level up the many weapons you have to pick from. A notable creature you might be asked to hunt down is a lynx, and there are not too many of them wandering around the game. We’ve only found it in a certain location, so we highly recommend you wander over there. We do warn you that you’ll want to be at a decent level to tackle a lynx, though. In this guide, we’re going to pinpoint the exact location of a lynx.

The lynx will be wandering the forest to the southeast of Everfall. It will be closer to the Shattered Obelisk, which contains some hefty enemies, the Ancients, that you want to avoid. Steer clear the Shattered Obelisk landmark, and then make your way into the forest beyond the lake. The lynx should be prowling around in the trees. It’s a powerful creature.

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We initially attempted to hunt it when we were level nine and struggled with taking more than two hits from it. So long as you dodge at the correct times or block its attacks correctly, you should be able to take it down. We were nearly able to defeat it the two times we encountered it but failed. We had to wait to level up few times and then returned with better weapons and gear to defeat it.

The lynx can be one of the Everfall community board objectives. If you’re still starting in New World, we recommend picking from one of the other quests, so you don’t become bogged down and stuck on this one.