Where to find a skeleton throne in Sea of Thieves

Choose a seat at the right table.

Microsoft Sea of Thieves

There are 10 skeleton thrones you can find in Sea of Thieves. You can find them hidden in the game, where some of them are available for a single player to sit on them, whereas others allow you and a crew of friends to sit at them. When these thrones initially released, they were available for a limited-time event for players to receive commendations, but have become a permanent addition to the game.

Many of them do require you to enter a cannon and fire yourself at them, or by lunging off of your ship’s crow nest.

Single crew thrones

These thrones are ones that sit only a single person. You can reach these places with a full crew, but you won’t all be able to sit on it at the same time.

  • Hidden Spring Keep: Look for the tallest tower at the fort, and you ca
  • Devil’s Ridge: At the tip of the island, close to the top, you can find a throne on a rock. You will need your ship’s cannon to reach it from the northeast portion.
  • Thieves’ Haven: You can find this throne on the eastern portion of Thieves’ Haven on a small rock. You can reach it from the top of your ship’s crow nest by sword lunging to it.
  • Uncharted Island (K 9): The throne at this island is under the water, south on the mouth of the island. Go to the direct middle of coordinates K 9 to find it.
  • Mermaid’s Hideaway: You want to visit the east side of this island to find the throne. It’s on top of several large, cone-like rocks. You will need your ship’s cannon to reach the top.

Multiple crew thrones

These are the thrones you and all of your crewmates can sit at the same time. Much like the single crew ones, you may have to use a ship’s cannon to reach it.

  • Plunder Outpost: While a quick one to find if you spawn at Plunder Outpost, it’s at the top of the island. You need your ship’s cannon to reach it.
  • Shipwreck Bay: You want to go to the northeast portion of Shipwreck Bay and use a ship mast to reach the top of the rock. You can jump the gap, but you may need to use a sword lunge to make it to the other side.
  • Cannon Cove: You can find this throne inside the top of Cannon Cave, right in the middle of the island. Your ship’s cannon can assist you, but you can potentially reach it with well-placed jumps.
  • Smuggler’s Bay (near): You want to go to the island, but sail to the northwest of it to find a rocky formation beyond the main area. You can reach the top by jumping off from the crow’s nest or using a cannon.
  • Marauder’s Arch: The final multiple crew skeleton throne is at the top of the Marauder’s Arch island. You can only sit on it by using the ship’s cannons.