Where to find accessibility options on Xbox Series X and Series S

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Where to find accessibility options on Xbox Series X and Series S

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Series X and S come with in-built accessibility options. These features allow gamers with disabilities to enjoy the best games on offer on Microsoft’s latest consoles, but some users or carers may be unaware about where to find them.

To locate the accessibility options on Xbox Series X and S, begin by pressing the Xbox logo button on the console’s controller. This will bring up a menu on the left side of the screen. Use the right bumper (RB) button to cycle across to the right until the last symbol at the top has a blue line underneath it. This is the current user’s profile. Press down on the controller’s d-pad, or on the left thumbstick, to scroll down to the ‘settings’ section of the menu. Tap the A button to open it.

On the next screen, scroll down to the last item called ‘ease of access’. You will find six accessibility options in this sub-menu, so tap right on the d-pad or left thumbstick to move across to them. Use the d-pad or thumbstick to move to the feature that is required, and tap the A button to open another menu. The six options available to select are:

  • Narrator – A screen reader that reads text, buttons, and other gaming information on the screen out loud
  • Magnifier – This feature zooms in on part of the screen so that text and images can be seen in a bigger font or image size
  • Closed captioning – A text version of what is being spoken by characters, or events that are occurring, on screen
  • High contrast – This option makes on-screen elements easier to see
  • Controller – You can remap what controller button performs a task, turn off controller vibration, or turn on copilot settings so that two people can play as one when playing a game
  • Audio – Turn on mono output to combine all audio channels into a single audio file

These six features can be toggled on or off by entering each feature’s sub-menu. The only option that requires further input is the controller button remap feature. You will need to change each button individually for this accessibility option if required.