Where to find all 12 Sparklers in Star Harbor in Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

Help Rainbow Billy begin his quest.

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When you’re welcomed to the beautiful world of Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan, you are given a mission to find all 12 Sparklers in Star Harbor. Some are harder to find than others, but we have you covered if you’re confused at all.

You can find the first two sparklers on the bottom left of the main village’s circle, left of the pond. They’re on the rooftops of a brown building. On the right of it, you’ll find dice acting as platforms. Jump on them and get the blue and purple sprinklers in this location.

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The third sprinkler is northwest of the pond on top of a red striped canopy. Once again, climb up the dice to reach it. The fourth sprinkler is north of the pond and is on the rooftop left of the main path. You’ll see a few white creatures doing hopscotch to the left of the rooftop you need to be on. Use the dice as platforms up, and you’ll find the sprinkler at the end.

The fifth sprinkler is to the right of the mayor, looks like a brown walrus with a black top hat. You’ll see a lever and a grey flower pattern around this area. Pull the lever and jump onto the flower platform that will spring to life. Once it has given you access to the rooftop, you’ll find a sprinkler on the left.

Opposite the fifth sprinkler, you’ll see a train-like red building puffing out popcorn from its chimney. To get on top and obtain the sixth sprinkler, jump on the dice to the right of the building.

The seventh sprinkler is south of the pond, and as you reach the building in this area, the perspective changes to a 2D view. Pull the lever, and the two flower elevators will grow upwards. Jump on these platforms to reach this sprinkler.

Next, take the path to the north of the town, highlighted by pink stars. Pull the lever on the left that will elevate the platform higher. Now you can jump on top of the smiling truck. Travel through the middle section onto the other dice. Once you’re up there, jump on the ball that will reach you all the way to the eighth sprinkler. We wish it bounced; that would have made it more fun.

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From this point, go further north into the port area of the town. Go right to find a sleazy peacock shopkeeper. Finish his trials on the right by pressing the X button (or square on PlayStation systems). Get accustomed to your controller’s buttons, as you’ll need to press them in time to win each challenge. There are three, but keep in mind that the last challenge is rigged. You’ll need to press the A button (X on PlayStation) at the end in a quick reaction time. Beating these challenges will give you a bunch of cash. Now, talk to the peacock, and he’ll have his perfectly legal sprinklers on sale. Buy them for 55 gold in total to get the ninth and tenth sprinklers.

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You’ll find the last sprinklers at the two ponds that you can fish in. One is in the center, and the other is far south past the entrance gates. Interact with the fishing poles by pressing the X button (square) and move your hand to a point where it can drop safely towards the sprinkler. The south is a little challenging as spikes will be faster and more of a nuisance. Be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity.

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Now that you’ve collected all 12 sprinklers in Star Harbor, go to Scissow, the guy with the red spiked hair. He’s southwest of the central pond. With his help, you can get the fireworks show started.