Where to find all five feathers for Captain Billweather in Cozy Grove

Help the Captain stay warm.

Image via Spry Fox

You will be helping out the poor ghosts in Cozy Grove a lot. This will often mean tracking down items that the need, or have lost, or cannot afford themselves. If you speak with Captain Billweather down on the beach, he will tell you that as a ghost he cannot grow more feathers, so is a little cold.

It will be up to you to find five feathers for him that are spread all over the island. In this guide, we will show you where to find them.

Feather #1

The first feather can be found near a blanket on the ground, just below Jeremy’s work area. Simply stand over it to pick it up.

Feather #2

The second feather can be found just to the north of the ramp from Jeremy’s area down to the Captain Billweather’s area, and will be located right beside the raised piece of land.

Feather #3

The third feather can be found on a blanket directly beside Jeremy, below the chimney for his fireplace.

Feather #4

The fourth feather should appear just a little bit to the right of the third feather, among the trees and rocks.

Feather #5

Head northwest of Jeremy’s area, and follow the coast to find the fifth feather. After you have gathered up the final feather, return to Captain Billweather and give them to him. He will give you another Spirit Log as a reward.