Where to find all Map Fragments in Elden Ring – all map fragment locations

Leading lights.

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Elden Ring is a large, confusing, and intimidating game. What will make your life much easier is a map, and thankfully Elden Ring does have one. The bad news is that you don’t start with it, and will need to track down map fragments to be able to use your own map properly.

Every map fragment you find will fill in local details and allow you to properly record your findings. It will also make navigation much easier and will help you find your way from place to place. Below, you can find each of the map locations. You will be looking for a small monument with a purple piece of loot on the ground at the foot of it. Interact with the light to grab the map fragment.

Limgrave West

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The map fragment for Limgrave West can be found in Gatefront Ruins, to the northeast of the Church Elleh along a short path through the nearby woods.

Limgrave East

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The map fragment for Limgrave East can be found near the Erdtree and Siofra River Well. You can find it by following the road that turns north after the bridge over the ravine to the north of where the Agheel Dragon is.


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The main Caelid Map can be found at the south of the region, in a small triangle of land created by different roads near a merchant.


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The northern section of Caelid is called Dragonbarrow, and the map can be found on the side of the road near the Divine Tower.

Liurnia East

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The first map you will want to grab in Liurnia is the Liurnia East map that can be found right on the edge of the swamp after you make your way down from Stormveil Castle.

Liurnia North

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This map can be found at the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace, so is very easy to track down.

Meeting Place Map

The Meeting Place map can be found near the sealed gateway at the Academy.

Liurnia West

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