The best fish for fish ponds in Stardew Valley

Fish ponds are a great way to gain resources from the fish you keep in captivity without having to put too much effort into looking after them.

Fish ponds are a great way to gain resources from the fish you keep in captivity.

Fish ponds are a great way to passively gain resources to sell at the market to use to create new items in Stardew Valley. You can throw fish into them and progressively grow their population to reap the rewards for your farm. Some of the fish are better than others, though, based on what they produce and how much population you have in the pond. Here are some of the best fish you can have in a fish pond in Stardew Valley.

It’s important to note that at different times the fish will have quest icons above their fish ponds that you need to complete. If you do not complete them, you cannot grow their population, so make sure to check their ponds every few days to see what they need you to do. These quests revolve around giving the fish a particular item.


These are not the best-looking fish you want to see out in your backyard, but they do a lot more for you than their looks suggest.

Blobfish are excellent for fish ponds because produce a decent amount of roe when you have six of them in a pond. They also have a chance for warp totems to drop, which teleport you directly back to your farm, or they can produce pearls, which you can sell for 2,500 gold pieces. You need to have at least nine Blobfish in a pond to produce the rarer items.

To catch a Blobfish, you have an even more limited time window than just the wintertime. You can only catch them during the Night Market, which is an event that happens at the beach from Winter 15 to 17. You have to attend the Night Market and go on the submarine ride, which takes you deep-sea fishing, granting you the rare opportunity to catch an array of rare fish. If you find a Blobfish, make sure to take it home and add it to your fish pond to start reaping the benefits.

These are the potential quests for the Blobfish that show up every four days to increase their population:

  • One population: Three coral, two frozen tears, or two sea urchin
  • Three population: Five coffee beans, one mayonnaise, or one pizza
  • Five population: One cookie, one green tea, or one wine
  • Seven population: One rainbow shell or a rice pudding

Midnight Squid

Much like the Blobfish, the Midnight Squid is another type of fish you can capture while at the Night Market. It only comes around during the winter from 15 to 17, so you need to make sure you hop on that submarine ride every chance you get to try and capture the most fish.

You want to add a fish pond for them because they have the chance to produce squid ink. The more population you have in the pond, the higher chance you have of the squid ink spawning. If you have 10 Midnight Squid swimming around in your pond, you have the opportunity for two squid ink to drop at the same time. You can use squid ink for clothing dye, tailoring, and to create a seafoam pudding.

These are the potential quests for the Midnight Squid that show up every three days to increase their population:

  • Three population: Three coral or 2 sea urchin
  • Five population: Two sardine
  • Eight population: An ocean stone

Spook Fish

Another fish you might encounter during the submarine ride at the Night Market is the Spook Fish. It’s a blue fish with large, wide eyes that look like you’re squishing it too hard. Despite its appearance, it’s a valuable fish, and when you catch it, you want to rethink tossing it away or selling it to the market. Much like the Midnight Squid and the Blobfish, you can only capture it during wither 15 and 17 during the Night Market.

Notably, there’s nothing too particular about what the Spook Fish produces in its pond. It reliably has roe like any other fish, even with a single population inside of the fish pond. However, what makes it stand out amongst the others it has a significantly small chance to produce a treasure chest when you have a population of nine Spook Fish or higher.

The treasure chest is full of valuables, which you can sell on the market for 5,000 gold pieces. Because of how rare the treasure chest is, it doesn’t hurt to have a Spook Fish pond on your farm to give you a slim chance of cashing it in every so often. If you have room on your farm, why not?

These are the potential quests for the Spook Fish that show up every four days to increase their population:

  • Three population: Three amethyst, three coral, three iron bars, an oyster, three red mushrooms, or three refined quartz
  • Five population: A dried starfish, two emeralds, one granite, two omni geode, or two purple mushrooms
  • Seven population: A diamond, three gold bars, one iridium ore, one mayonnaise, or a pickle


Sturgeon are likely the easiest fish to capture on this list. You can find them during the summer and winter months outside of the cave entrance, along the river that comes out from the mountain. Try to find a location where you can throw your line far away into the water and away from the shore. They are difficult to capture even if you know the best location to look for them, but they’re well worth adding to a fish pond.

A Sturgeon does not offer the same variety as the other fish while residing in a fish pond. However, they provide sturgeon roe, which you can place inside of a preserves jar for four days and have it come out to become caviar. None of the other fish capable of producing roe can have it become caviar, making it a must-have for any Stardew Valley farm. You can sell every piece of caviar for 500 gold pieces.

These are the potential quests for the Sturgeon that show up every four days to increase their population:

  • One population: A diamond
  • Three population: A jelly, two maple syrup, or a pickle
  • Five population: Three omni geode
  • Seven population: A nautilus shell

Void Salmon

A spookier fish to add to your farm is the Void Salmon. You can capture any time of the year. However, you need to complete the Dark Talisman quest first to gain access to the Witch’s Swamp. The quest only becomes available after you finish all of the Community Center Bundles or the Joja Community Development form.

You can find the Witch’s Swamp on the east side of the train station to the north of town. To complete the Dark Talisman quest, you need to speak to the Wizard about obtaining magic ink from his ex-wife’s home, but you need to talk to Krobus about using a dark talisman to gain access. After you complete this particular quest, you should have access to the swamp throughout the rest of the game.

Void Salmon is an excellent fish to add to a pond if you’re looking to acquire Void Essence on a semi-regular basis. You have to wait until you get more than eight population, and it’s a small chance, but it can happen. You can also loot void eggs and roe from them, which are always good to have. You can use void eggs to create a Void Chicken to create even more void eggs, or use them in a variety of different recipes.

These are the potential quests for the Void Salmon that show up every four days to increase their population:

  • One population: Five void essence
  • Three population: 10 bat wings
  • Five population: One diamond or a void egg
  • Seven population: An iridium ore

Any fish you capture in Stardew Valley can go live inside of your fish pond. Check out all of the different varieties to find the correct assortment that fits your needs to produce the best farm you’re capable of producing in Stardew Valley.