Where to find alligators in New World

A fearsome predator.

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There are several animals you can hunt in New World that reward you with valuable resources to take back to a settlement used for crafting. A notable creature you’ll want to find in New World is an alligator. These are challenging predators that should not be taken lightly, and you’ll want to make sure you bring a skinning knife to skin them. Where do you need to go to find an alligator?

The best location to find alligators will be in the swamps and marshes in New World. The best site we’ve found that you can hunt down alligators is in the Cutlass Keys region, at Cayo De La Muerte, Salty Marshes, and Haunted Isle. Another excellent area would be to check out Weaver’s Fen. We were able to find alligators all over the place, such as Polder’s Flood, Richmire, Pestilence, and Soddenswale.

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Because alligators typically hang out in swamps, a good way to know that alligators have a chance of being there is if you zoom in on the New World map and see the distinct swamp terrain. It should look like an eerie green and yellow color on your map, with small bushes icons on them.

These are not all of the locations with alligators in New World. However, when attempting to fight them, an alligator can be a fearsome enemy, and they’re usually pretty tough to defeat.