Where to find ancient bark in Valheim

You have to go further into your world to find it.

Iron Gate Studio

For those who have their eyes set to the horizon in Valheim, you’re probably invested in creating a longship. The longship is significantly better than the standard raft, but it costs quite a few resources, and most of those are a bit more plentiful when you reach the later portions of the game. Ancient bark is one of these items, and a few players are confused about where to locate it.

Where to find ancient bark

Some players believe you can obtain ancient bark from the second Forsaken boss, the Elder. While some have reported you can; we have not seen this happening in our servers. It’s been a bit unreliable, and we don’t recommend attempting to farm the Elder to see if it will ever drop it.

Instead, you want to visit the swamp biome. You can feel free to start seeking out this region in your Valheim world after beating the Elder. Because all of the game servers are randomly generated, we don’t have a set direction for finding a swamp in your server. You’ll have to continue exploring your world, by land or by waterway, to find it.

When you reach the swamp, the ancient trees in that region will provide you with ancient bark. You won’t be able to harvest them using the stone or flint ax, so we recommend visiting this region when you have a bronze ax crafted and ready to use. Feel free to chop down these trees and gather up all of the ancient bark to your heart’s content. If the swamp is far away from your home, try crafting a portal between the two locations to make traveling much easier.