Where to find and defeat 10 green and purple Shadows of Fate in Sea of Thieves – Fate of the Damned – A Light in Dark Places Challenge

There are colorful skeletons roaming around the islands.

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There are reports of a new type of skeleton wandering around the islands in Sea of Thieves. While these skeletons are careful, they’re rampaging everywhere and causing problems for everyone who finds them. They’re a part of the Fate of the Damned update, and you need to take them out to complete all of the game’s challenges. Here’s what you need to do to find the green and purple Shadows of Fate and how you defeat them.

Where to find the Green and Purple Shadows of Fate

There are several ways to find green and purple Shadows of Fate. The new way to encounter them is by sailing through The Shores of Plenty and The Wilds. They will also appear on the Lagoon of Whispers after speaking to Leianna about helping out the Bilge Rats and purchase your first Fate of the Damned voyage. You have to sail to the Lagoon of Whispers to assist Duke. These skeletons appear during the event voyage. You can reach this location by going to tile D12.

There will be a handful that shows up. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to kill all of the skeletons at once by merely making one of these voyages, which means you need to do it multiple times.

To have more of them spawn on you, you can always start a Fort of the Damned raid. You’ll want to have a full team with you and to go through various trials to unlock it, but taking out all 10 at once might be easier for some.

How to defeat Green and Purple Shadows of Fate

The Shadows of Fate work like the skeletons you have to deal with when completing the Fort of the Damned raid. You can only damage them when they are standing in the light of the same colored Fate of Flames. This means you need the green and purple Flames of Fate to fight them. So for the green Shadows of Flame, use the green light. For the purple Shadows of Flame, use the purple light.