Where to find and how to start the Guild Hall mission in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Join your Guild to fight for this stunning new location.

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons has brought a brand new Guild Hall to the game. With Guilds currently able to access the Gilded Hollow, Lost Precipice, and Windswept Haven Guild Halls, the addition of the Isle of Reflection Guild Hall is the first new hall since the launch of the Path of Fire expansion. This new Guild Hall is sure to be a popular location for those Guilds looking for a change of scenery.

The Isle of Reflection Guild hall is themed around the aspects of Cantha. It’s a stunning location with gorgeous landscapes, stunning cliff-sides, and more wildflowers than one can count. There are plenty of fishing spots and abundant amounts of space for creative Guild members to play around with too.

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To access the Isle of Reflection Guild Hall, you’ll have to travel to Seitung Province. From there, you can either run, swim, or us e one of the Raptor Taxis to get to the Eastern Wilds. However, running there involves going past several unfriendly beings and can take a while. Additionally, you can use the Waypoint to Friend item if one of your Guildies are already in the area. You’ll need to make your way to the docks from the Eastern Wilds region and speak to the Worker [Guild Hall Explorer] who is waiting there. Make sure you’re in a Guild and in a Squad or Party before you attempt to start the mission.

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From there, you’ll be taken to the Isle of Reflection Guild Hall, where you’ll have to fight through waves of enemies to claim the location. Remember, the difficulty of the battle has been scaled for the size of the group, meaning you no longer need a massive Guild or to hire a bunch of people on the map to help you out.