Where to find and how to tame Amargasaurus in Ark: Lost Island

Not so lost anymore.

Image via Studio Wildcard

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Amargasaurus is the newest addition to the Sauropod family added to Ark in the Lost Island map expansion that launched December 14. It is a smaller, far more aggressive member of the Sauropod family, and travels in herds that attack any perceived threats on sight.

Where to find the Amargasaurus

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The Amargasaurus is easily found in the volcanic biome on Lost Island and usually travels in packs of three. They stick close together and will knock you back as well as shoot a variety of condition-causing spikes at you if you get too close to them.

What you’ll need

  • Insulating armour: The simplest of these is Ghillie armour, this can be crafted or discovered in supply crates
  • Calien Soup: This soup is consumed to lower your visibility
  • Berries, Vegetables such as Longrass or Exceptional Kibble: Place these in the last slot of your hotbar so that you can feed it passively to the Amargasaurus

How to tame the Amargasaurus

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Before you approach the Amargasaurus herd, you’ll need to equip your chosen armor pieces if you’re not already wearing them. Once you’ve done that, consume the Calien soup and make sure your chosen food is equipped into your last hotkey slot. Following this, you can make your approach; if you wish to err on the side of caution you can crouch and approach them from behind just to make sure they don’t agro on your character.

Once you’re within range, you’ll see a blue prompt to press your “E” key to feed the Amargasaurus and effectively sync your heat signature with theirs. By doing this, your character becomes a temporary herd member and you’ll have the Amargasaurus follow you automatically. Do note that you can have multiple Amargasaurus follow you at once for easy group tames.

If your Amargasaurus take too much damage or get too far away, you’ll lose the tame or the taming effectiveness, so it’s vital to stick close to your tame and protect them as much as possible. Accidentally hitting them will also aggro them onto you, so it’s best to aim carefully when you’re shooting around them.

The higher level the dinosaurs your small herd kills, the more the taming bar will increase. That is to say, a level 5 Rex gives far less taming progress than a level 50 Rex. Also important to note is that if you’re in range of the Amagasaurus’ attack hitbox, you will be damaged, and their AOE spine attacks will also damage your health and armor.

At some point in the hunt, your Amargasaurus will give you a notification at the top of the screen, notifying you that it’s hungry. To solve this issue, simply make sure your taming food is still in your last hotkey slot and press “E” to feed them; this will also increase the taming progress bar.