Where to find and how to tame the Dinopithecus in Ark: Lost Island

No more monkeying around.

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Dinopithecus is the latest primate to be added to the Ark dino roster and is found on the new Lost Island map. This poop-slinging fighter is a fast climber and can throw TEK-disabling fecal matter and grenades, and even climb straight up cliffs and trees.

What you’ll need to tame the Dinopithecus

  • Raw Mutton, Longrass or other vegetables, or Exceptional Kibble placed in your hotbar’s last slot.
  • A weapon — the higher the damage the easier for your taming.
  • Height, whether by a platform, cliff or by using a grappling hook on a crossbow.

How to tame the Dinopithecus

Screenshot by Gamepur

Dinopithecus are passive tames; however, they are vastly different from any other passive tames in the game. Firstly, the only member of the troop that is tamable is the Alpha Dinopithecus, which are identifiable by a glowing aura around their bodies. Secondly, you must scare and gain the respect of the Alpha before you may tame it. Note that the juveniles which are carried on the backs of the Beta members and the Beta members are not tameable at all.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll need to kill all the Betas around the Alpha before you’ll be able to tame the Alpha itself. This is where your height advantage comes into play, by either grappling into a tree or up higher than their hitbox, you can safely shoot the dinos without being killed yourself.

Once all the Betas have been killed, you’ll need to drop the Alpha down to below 85% of its HP. If you have a very high damage weapon and the Alpha is lower level be careful to not kill it by accident. Once the Alpha is under 85% HP approach the Alpha and press “E” to feed it the kibble or other food you’ve selected. If it’s a higher level, you may need more kibble or food.