Where to find and how to use Fireworks in Sea of Thieves

Get festive this season.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Sea of Thieves Season 5 introduced a host of quality of life improvements and content additions such as the ability to bury treasure and speedier loading and unloading of storage crates. Fireworks rank among additions like sitting in chairs and atop barrels. They don’t serve any real purpose other than to give people one more toy to have fun with while playing with friends. Our guide is here to help you get festive with the new fireworks.

Fireworks always have a chance of spawning inside resource barrels, but that’s perhaps too unreliable for you. If you want more direct access, you can head over to the Merchant Alliance trader on the docks near your ship. Select the option to “browse offers, resources, and commodities.” From here, you’re given another set of options, one being the ability to browse fireworks. From the fireworks menu, you can buy various fireworks crates with different designs.

Each crate costs 20,000 gold and contains 25 fireworks. After purchasing whichever crate suits your fancy, it won’t spawn on your ship. You’ll have to grab it from the merchant using the prompt that shows on-screen. This means pressing X on an Xbox controller after making the purchase.

Once on your ship, you can open the crate to add fireworks to your inventory. With any firework in your possession, you’re given a prompt to load a cannonball with said firework. After it’s been loaded, you fire the cannonball as normal, which would be the right trigger on an Xbox controller. With that behind you, you’re now met with a fireworks display that makes for some pretty sights and screenshots.

Screenshot by Gamepur