Where to find Animal Crossing Amiibo cards

Trying to get your hands on some Amiibo before the release of New Horizons? Try these locations.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image via Nintendo

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons coming up on March 20, a lot of people want to get their hands on Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. When used in-game, these cards will invite villagers to the island in New Horizons for players to interact with.

Like all things Animal Crossing, there is a high demand for these cards, especially among collectors, and in some places, the cards are being resold for ridiculous sums.

Here are a few places you can check to buy Animal Crossing Amiibo cards without breaking the bank.


Is it really any surprise that Amazon is one of the best places to find these cards? The popular shopping platform has a bundle available from Nintendo for $35 USD that will include four packs, one from each series, with six cards in each pack for a total of 24 cards.

After a little shopping around we also found individual packs being sold for $5 per pack and huge bundles of 54 packs from multiple series being sold for $250.


Surprisingly, your local GameStop may actually have the packs for cheaper than anywhere else. We were able to find a pack of cards for $1.47 that had been discounted for the packaging being slightly damaged. Unfortunately, this will depend a lot on the availability in-store.

Some stores might not carry the Amiibo cards but will have the figures available. Other stores may have them but at a higher price depending on the condition of the packs. The price will vary a lot depending on circumstances and availability. It is easy to check on the price of these items by just giving a call to your local GameStop store.


Some Walmart stores carry the Amiibo cards at varying prices. We found a single pack on their website for $10, a 6 pack bundle for $25, and a bundle of one pack from each series for $40.

Like GameStop, this is going to depend a lot on the availability and each individual store. We found that one store didn’t carry any Amiibo cards or figures while another across town had both. When in doubt you can always use the store filter to search through stores in your area to see if they have the cards available.

Neither Nintendo nor BestBuy currently have the cards available through their online stores, leaving Amazon as the best option for finding these cards. Aside from these options, collectors should definitely consider checking out locally owned game stores to see if they have any on hand.