Where to find Apples in New World

How many apples do you need to for your pie?

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The ingredients you want to use in your cooking recipes in New World vary on the meal you want to create. There are many ingredients you can find in the world, and Apples are among the tougher ones to find. You’ll have to brave the more difficult regions if you want to use them in your meals, but even the more challenging locations won’t always have them. This guide details where you can find Apples in New World and what items you need to check to find them.

Apples are an ingredient drop that appears in provisions crates. The provisions crates that appear in the world have set drops, but they won’t always contain the same ingredients. Instead, they have a random chance to contain different ingredients, and you can only find specific ones in a handful of regions. For Apples, you want to check provision crates in the Brightwood and Reekwater territory.


These are all of the provision crate locations in Brightwood. They won’t always contain Apples, but these are a really good location to investigate. We’ve reliably discovered a few Apples in our inventory after leaving this area without even going out of our way to find them.

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These are all of the provision chest locations in Reekwater. There are not as many compared to Brightwood, but the small cluster to the southwest of the map at Scavenger’s Shore and Forecastle Drift could be a potential circuit for you to farm if you’re hunting for them.

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