Where to find Axolotls in Minecraft

Time to get a new amphibian friend.

Image via Mojang

Axolotls have been one of the more beloved creatures added to Minecraft. These aquatic animals swim around in the water and give off a distinct chirping sound whenever you get close to them. Previously, when Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs Part I update was released, these animals were pretty easy to find. That’s all going to change with Part II in update 1.18. Axolotls are going to be a bit more challenging to find. Where can you find Axolotls in Minecraft?

Now, these creatures are going to spawn in a distinct location in your world. You’ll be able to find them in Lush Caves, which is an underground location in Minecraft where you’ll be able to find a variety of vines, lush greens, and now Axolotls. These creatures should still give off their distinctive chirp, making it a bit easier to go digging for them.

You no longer have to go out of your way to hunt down Axolotls following Caves and Cliffs Part II. Even though they’re not all over the place, finding Lush Caves should be a bit more effective for you. You’ll be able to locate Lush Caves by searching underground. You can find moss, oak, Azalea leaves, vines, water, big drip leaves, cave vines, spore blossom, glow berries, and now Axolotls hanging out in the water.