Where to Find Bald Eagles in Far Cry 5

There’s a lot of wildlife in Far Cry 5, and most of it can be hunted and harvested to make some cash. Perk points can also be obtained for skinning various wildlife creatures, such as the Bald Eagle. Unfortunately, the Bald Eagle is a rare bird, and it’s uncommon to stumble across them without knowing their exact location.

Bald Eagle Location: Roberts Cabin

Bald Eagle Location at Roberts Cabin Bald Eagle Location at Roberts Cabin in Far Cry 5

Roberts Cabin is just inside John’s Region, not far from the border of Faith’s Region. Up the hill from this cabin is an area where it’s not uncommon to find a Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle Location: Snowshoe Lake

Where to Find Bald Eagles in Far Cry 5 Bald Eagle Location at Snowshoe Lake in Far Cry 5

Snowshoe Lake is tucked away in a corner of Jacob’s Region and is generally safe from Peggies. There are a few hostile wildlife species, however, such as the Bald Eagle. Spotting this rare bird here should be easy.

How to Hunt Bald Eagles

My preference to hunt for a Bald Eagle is to bring Boomer and Jess. Boomer can spot and mark various wildlife, which will make seeing the Bald Eagle easier. The icon for this bird will be yellow because it’s considered a predator. It will attack if it gets close enough. Because Jess has the bow she is the ideal hunter for almost all wildlife in Far Cry 5. The bow doesn’t destroy as much of the prey, meaning the harvest is double in size. This can also be increased further using the Harvest Master perk from the Survivalist tree. This combination will lead to four feathers per Bald Eagle killed, and that’s $400 when sold to an in-game vendor.

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