Where to find barley in Valheim

You must traverse through difficult terrain.

When you reach the Plains biome region in Valheim, you’ll find some of the most dangerous foes you encounter. There are the ever deadly deathsquito and the consistently annoying fuling. These creatures roam the Plains biome, eager to keep you away from one of the most sought-after items you’ll want to add to your food stores: barley. Barley is a resource you can utilize and cultivate after you’ve defeated the fourth Forsaken boss, Moder. You’ll need an artisan table to create a windmill, and if you acquire enough barley, you’ll be able to compress it into barley flour.

There’s only one location we’ve reliably found barley, which is at fuling villages and outposts. The fulings heavily guard these locations, and you can find anywhere from five to 15 fulings wandering around these areas. You can usually find the massive fuling brutes and mystical shamans protecting the weaker minions that will appear.

We recommend you use a bow to defeat the fuling brutes from a distance. When battling the fuling shaman, you want to use a melee weapon and stay as close as possible to them.

Once you’ve cleared a fuling camp, you’re free to acquire the barley planted nearby. You want to grab all of it and use about half of it on your windmill to turn into barley flour. The other half of the barley will be what you store away in a chest and reserve for planting.

Image via Gamepur

Unfortunately, barley does not grow in every region in Valheim. You’ll have to plant and cultivate it in a Plains biome. If you don’t have a base in the Plains, we recommend building one and using it to harvest barley.

Barley flour is used in several cooking recipes, such as fish wraps, bread, blood pudding, and lox meat pie.