Where to find Barnshe in Temtem

Barnshe is a rare spawn that only appears in one place.


Image via Crema

Barnshe is a rare Temtem that you will need to find for the Denizan Icarus side quest. This Mental and Wind-type Temtem can be very powerful and is a great Mental-type option for most squads. You can only find Barnshe at the top of the Windward Fort, which you will reach while playing through the campaign as you attempt to free Sophia from a cage at the bottom of the fort. Barnshe has a very low spawn rate, so you might need to reload the area multiple times before she will spawn.

Barnshe is strong against Neutral, Earth, Wind, and Melee-types, and weak against Electric, Digital, and Crystal-types.

You can get the Denizan Icarus quest by speaking with an NPC named Daedalus at the Thalassian Cliffs. When you get the quest, head to the Windward Fort and catch Barnshe, then return to Daedalus. You will need to give the Barnshe some commands using the conversation options.

  • Barnshe, Fly over the water.
  • Soar over Windward Fort.
  • Climb as high as you can.

Upon completion of the quest, Daedalus will give you TC003: Turbo Choreography.

Barnshe Stats

  • HP – 50
  • STA – 51
  • SPD – 65
  • ATK – 60
  • DEF – 40
  • SPATK – 75
  • SPDEF – 79


From Leveling

1PeckNeutralPhysical2450Very Fast
4Sand SplatterEarthPhysical3570Normal
7Wind BladeWindSpecial4090 Normal
10Wind BurstWindSpecial90120 Normal
15BamboozleMentalStatus160 Normal
25HypoxiaWind Special 120300 Normal
31Psy SurgeMental Special 100151Slow
40TornadoWind Special 135311Fast

From Technique Courses (TCs)

3Turbo ChoreographyWindStatus271Very Fast
4Wake UpNeutralPhysical10Very Fast
7Noxious BombToxicPhysical100200Normal

From Breeding

Beta BurstMentalSpecial100230Normal
Energy ManipulationMentalSpecial45110Normal