Where to find Basil in New World

Basil is the perfect finishing touch for any meal, and here’s where you find it.

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There are 12 unique herbs that you can find in New World and use in cooking recipes. These recipes are critical for leveling your cooking trade skill and giving you consumables to increase your health, mana, and harvesting luck in the game. Basil is an essential resource that you can find throughout the many regions to improve their basic skills. This guide details where you need to find Basil in New World and what resource you need to harvest to acquire it.

You primarily find Basil by harvesting herb plants. These are common resources that you can find throughout the starting areas of the game, and there are a lot of them. However, not every herb resource node will supply you with Basil. Certain herbs only come out of specific regions, giving you a higher chance of harvesting them. These are some of the many herb resource nodes you can find in New World, but Basil usually appears in Brightwood, Everfall, and Windsward.


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Of the locations, Brightwood and Everfall have the least amount of herb spawns. You’re going to have a lot of trouble regularly farming Basil, unfortunately. Windsward has a much better spawn, but Basil is much more difficult to appear. We’ve had a lot of difficulty farming it from these locations and recommend trying out the herb plants to the western part of Everfall, on the border of Monarch’s Bluff.

When you want to harvest a herb plant, you need to use a sickle. However, while herbs require a sickle for you to gather them, there is no harvesting level requirement.