Where Can You Find Bees in Minecraft?

Bees are a recent addition to Minecraft, added to the game with the 1.15 release of the Java Edition. They are a neutral mob living in beehives and bee nests. Bees only attack you if you anger them, and can inflict poison. Depending on the difficulty you are playing on, the poison effect can last for up to 18 seconds.

Where Can You Find Bees in Minecraft?

Where to find Bees and Bee Hives in Minecraft 1.15 Update

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Bees spawn from bee nests that you can found in trees. They spawn in small groups. The bee nests have a chance of spawning on any tree in the following biomes:

  • Plains
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Flower Forrest

Potentially, any tree in the above biomes can have a bee nest. The changes are roughly at 1/10 chance that one spawns on a tree. The best place to find bees is in the Flower Forrest biome, due to the more significant amount of trees there compared to the other biomes.

Bee nests also have a 1/10 chance of spawning on trees that you grow, as long as those trees grow in the Plains, Sunflower Plains or Flower Forrest biomes. Seeds from those biomes taken to other biomes will not have a chance of spawning nests.

Bees fly around the general area of their nests and are attracted to flowers. Bees can collect pollen from the flowers, and have a chance to pollinate plants that they fly over. Pollinated plants will advance one step in their growth cycle, but there a limit to how many plants a single bee can pollinate.

If a bee becomes angered, then other bees in the area also become enraged, and their eyes will turn red. They can attack you in this state, and if they do sting you, they will die shortly afterward. Bees did not attack players holding a flower, making it a great way to defend against an angry swarm.