Where to find Bottle Caps in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

These items are hard to find but necessary for competitive play.

Key art of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Image via The Pokémon Company

As weird as it may seem, Bottle Caps are among the most valuable items in the Pokémon series if you’re looking to max out your Pokémon’s stats. You can use them to Hyper Train any one of your Pokémon’s individual values (IVs), thus bolstering their utility in competitive play. Here’s how you can obtain Bottle Caps in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and where you can use them.

The most consistent way to get Bottle Caps is by visiting the BP shop in the Battle Tower, which can only be accessed after you have unlocked the National Pokédex. Here, you can purchase Bottle Caps for 25 BP each.

Alternatively, if you have a Pokémon that has the “pickup” ability in your party, there’s a 10% chance following any battle that this Pokémon will receive a random held item. For any Pokémon level 71 and above with this ability, there’s a 1% chance that when they do pick up an item, it will be a Bottle Cap. It’s a lot less certain a method of securing Bottle Caps than purchasing them with BP, but given how valuable these items are, it couldn’t hurt to have a few of your party slots taken by Pokémon with this ability on the off chance they find one.

Regardless of how you procure your Bottle Caps, you can use them to max out one of your Pokémon’s IVs in the Battle Tower by speaking to the Hyper Trainer. However, you can only Hyper Train your Pokémon’s IVs if they are at level 100. Furthermore, as in other games, Hyper Training doesn’t max out IVs for the purpose of Pokémon breeding; your trained Pokémon won’t pass down its perfect IVs to its offspring.