Where to find bukeberries in Valheim

It’s a sickening experience.

Image via Iron Gate AB

Food is a critical item in Valheim, giving you massive boosts to your health and stamina based on what you’ve been eating. Some combinations are clearly better than others, and if you want to switch activities, you might need more health than stamina, depending on what you’d like to do. The unfortunate thing is that food takes a long time to digest in Valheim, with some of the higher quality items lasting close to 30 minutes in your character’s stomach. A good way to get rid of these items is to use bukeberries, but you need to find them.

From our experience, bukeberries drop off several enemies in the game. We’ve found them on graydwarf brutes and shamans, and we’ve found them on deathsquities as they fly around the Plains biome, looking to sting you at a moment’s notice. Depending on the type of biome you’re visiting, you may want to focus on certain creatures, but most starting players should be able to take down the graydwarf brutes and shamans to find a steady supply of bukeberries.

As soon as you eat the item, you’re going to see a notification that your character feels sick. Shortly after that, you’re going to find your character consistently puking for several seconds, giving you a disgusting animation of them vomiting wherever they’re standing, and any food they ate in their food bar will disappear. This effect frees up your character’s stomach so they can eat a new combination of three foods. Just make sure you’re not standing next to any of your friends when you do this.

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