Where to find Cartel Informants and hideout coordinates in Borderlands 3’s Revenge of the Cartels

Where are they?

Borderlands 3

When you speak to Maurice to learn he’s run into some trouble with cartel members in Borderlands 3, it’s up to you to give him a hand with the issues he’s having with them. Unfortunately, you won’t know where to immediately go to take on their leader and put an end to his debt. The first step to learning where to locate them is to beat it out of some cartel informants.

You need to search across the galaxy for them. After speaking with Maurice, he tells you that the last time he sniffed them out was at Ascension Bluff, which is on Pandora. You need to go to the front of your ship to chart a course for Pandora. Once you’ve loaded into the planet’s atmosphere, feel free to take out your map and fast travel to the destination.

Call of Duty: WWII Beta

After you load in, open up your map, and you should have an icon of where to investigate the nearest Cartel informant. When you arrive at the location and kill the informant, Maurice will applaud your work for helping him. However, you discover its only partial coordinates for the area. You need to get at least 30, killing more informants.

While it says you need to scour the galaxy, you don’t. If you roam around Pandora to find additional minions to kill, they’ll drop tracks summoning Cartel members to your location. The ones that drop the trackers are the ones with holographic discs wrapped around their bodies. Take them out and obtain more coordinates.

Once you have all 30 pieces of intel to find the hideout, you’re ready to continue towards the next step in Maurice’s mission for revenge. You need to return to him for the next quest.