Where to find Cauliflower in New World

You need to search in specific regions.

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Cauliflower is one of the many ingredients you want to obtain pretty often in New World. You’ll be using it in several cooking ingredients. If you’re going to level up up your cooking skill back at your settlement of choice, you can expect to carry enough of it around with you to complete many of the more complicated recipes. But, you can only find it in certain areas. This guide will break down all of the locations you can find Cauliflower in New World.

You can find Cauliflower inside provision crates. These typically appear nearby many of the landmarks in New World and other named locations. However, provision crates only drop certain items in specific areas. If you’re looking for Cauliflower, you need to visit Edengrove, First Light, or Mourningdale to find it.


Edengrove is a high level area, so you probably won’t be checking out this region until you reach close to the end of it. However, many of the provision crates to the northwest of Valor Hold are extremely good and have a high yield of dropping some excellent resources for you.

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First Light

The First Light region is one of the starting areas in New World, making it an ideal location for you to search for Cauliflower, especially when you’re beginning your journey as a chef.

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Mourningdale is right in the middle to First Light and Edengrove regarding level requirements, but you still want to investigate this area much later in your New World adventure. Unfortunately, many provision crates are scattered all over the region, too, forcing you to run a marathon to receive a steady supply of ingredients and Cauliflower.

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