Where to find chickens in Sea of Thieves – All island locations

You don’t have to catch them at sunrise.

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Chickens are one of the small animals you can find on the many islands in Sea of Thieves. They don’t serve too much purpose on your ship, other than to cluck and make small noises from inside their cage, but they can be traded with the Merchant alliance to increase your reputation with them. You might even run into a daily event quest where you need to capture a few chickens and turn them in.

All islands with chickens

These are all of the confirmed islands you can visit in Sea of Thieves that have been confirmed to have chickens on them and their coordinates on the map.

  • Barnacle Bay (O15 and O16)
  • Cannon Cove (F10 and G10)
  • Crook’s Hollow (M16)
  • Marauder’s Arch (Q3)
  • Mermaid’s Hideaway (B13 and C13)
  • Old Faithful Isle (M4 and N4)
  • Scurvy Isley (K4)
  • Shipwreck Bay (M10)
  • The Crooked Masts (O11)
  • Thieves’ Haven (L20 and M20)
  • Tri-Rock Isle (R10)
  • Twin Groves (H11)
  • Wanderers Refuge (F12 and F13)

If you want to explore the best cluster of islands to capture chickens, we recommend investigating the Scury Isley, Old Faithful Isle, and Marauder’s Arch. Alternatively, you can visit Shipwreck Bay, The Crooked Masts, and Tri-Rock Isle. These two areas are islands that are fairly close to each other and are an easy way to swing through these locations to grab what chickens you can and then return to a nearby outpost.

How to catch chickens and find chicken coops

You won’t be able to directly deliver a chicken to any of the Merchant Alliance representatives on outposts without a chicken coop. You can grab a chicken coop on an outpost before heading out, or you might find yourself lucky and discover one while you’re out sailing. If you want to receive a chicken coop from a Merchant Alliance representative, you have to purchase a Merchant Voyage that requires you to deliver chickens to them.

Once you have the coop, all you have to do is approach the animal while you have the cage in your hand. After a little bit, and attempting to click the interact button while close to the animal, it will be inside the chicken coop. Make sure to place the chicken at a secure location inside your ship to make sure they’re protected, and you can deliver them to the nearest Merchant Alliance representative at any of the outposts. You can encounter four chicken variations, and they all have a different price attached to them for turning them with a merchant voyage and when you turn them in without one.

  • White Feathered Chicken
    • No Voyage: 10 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 100 Gold
  • Red Speckled Chicken
    • No Voyage: 30 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 300 Gold
  • Black Plumed Chicken
    • No Voyage: 70 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 700 Gold
  • Golden Chicken
    • No Voyage: 150 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 1,500 Gold