Where to find Chitin in Valheim

You might miss it.

Image via Iron Gate Studio

A resource you may not find too quickly in Valheim is chitin. It’s a material that can provide you with some decent pieces of weapons and tools. If you want to see this particular resource, though, it only appears in one location in the game, and even that is random.

Where do you get chitin

If you want to mine chitin, you need to harvest it off of the back of a sea turtle. The sea turtle looks like a giant rock in the middle of the ocean, but you’ll notice the back of the turtle slowly going up and down in the ocean. When you leap on the back of it, there will be pieces of barnacle you can harvest. When we were gathering it, we used a bronze pickaxe to break it down, and we were able to pick up the chitin and add it to our inventory. Harvesting it was similar to the other metals in the ground, the copper, tin, and iron, so there’s nothing different about it.

You have to act pretty quickly to harvest the sea turtle. After a little bit of time on the back of it and harvesting the barnacles, the turtle will return to the sea. You’ll notice it’s about to dive when the creature’s back begins to shake. You have about a minute to grab everything you can and then dive back to your back. We recommend reserving your stamina for swimming when the turtle’s back begins to shake because you don’t want to find yourself drowning at sea.

Once you have enough chitin, you’ll be able to make specific items using it, such as the harpoon and barnacle knife.