Where to find Clem in Warframe – Good Friend Nightwave Challenge



From time to time, the Good Friend challenge will pop up in Warframe’s Nightwave, tasking you with helping Clem to complete his daily mission. The first thing you will need to do is find Clem. 

To do this, head for any Relay. When you load in, go to the menu and select Fast Travel, then Darvo Deals. Clem likes to hang out with Darvo, and can always be found at his shop.

Interact with Darvo, then select the “Does Clem need my help option,” and you will load into a mission to help Clem on a little heist.

This mission is always a Survival mission, and you and Clem will need to cause a distraction for ten minutes while another one of Darvo’s operatives is stealing something. It plays out exactly like a normal Survival mission, with life support pods available, and life support capsules dropping from enemies.

Just keep an eye on your life support level in the top left of the screen, then replenish when you need to. Enemies will also drop plenty of smaller life support units, so make sure you kill a lot of them, and you shouldn’t even need to use a capsule.

It’s not a particularly difficult mission, and you won’t even need to keep Clem alive to complete it, but all true Tenno do their best to protect the game’s greatest hero.

Once you are done, extract as normal, and you will finish up the challenge, and Clem will have lived to steal another day.