Where to Find Coal in Fortnite

Where to Find Coal in Fortnite

For a limited time, you can throw coal at other players in Fortnite. While they are common items, you won’t find any in common chests. You need to look in specific locations throughout the map to locate these items and add them to your inventory.

There are two ways you can locate coal in Fortnite: From Iceboxes and Presents.

Thankfully, we already have all of the Icebox locations mapped out for you over here. For a quick reference, here are all of the sites you can find them in the game.

Icebox Locations in Fortnite

If you want to grab coal immediately when you enter a game, make sure to land near any of these locations and take a peek around there. You’re bound to find them.

For presents, you need to have a present in your inventory, which you can loot from traditional boxes you find throughout the game. However, they are rare items, and some of them may not contain coal in them. You might be better off searching the above Icebox locations to make your coal search significantly more straightforward.

To use a present, you need to drop it, pick it back up to add to your hotkeys as if it were a weapon, throw it on the ground, and a massive present should build around you filled with various items available for you to use.

When you find a lump of coal, you should receive five pieces of coal for every lump you pick up.

You need to find coal because a Winterfest challenge involves you damaging an opponent with it. To use it as a weapon, you need to treat the item like a grenade.No, it does not take them out, but it deals 20 damage. Alternatively, you can throw it at a Campfire to have it immediately catch fire, giving you a burst of healing.