Where to find collared peccaries in Red Dead Online

Complete the daily challenges by finding small pigs.

Collared peccary at night

Image via Rockstar

Red Dead Online offers different daily challenges to earn meager amounts of gold every day. These challenges rotate every 24 hours. They can be anything from going to a location to finding a specific animal. One such challenge is skinning one collared peccary. 

Collared peccaries are small pigs found in desert regions in the game. They are quick to flee and have a wide observation range (that is, they will likely see and run from you before you’ve seen them in the shrubbery). 

Collared peccaries are common in the desert, anywhere south of the Great Plains will have them. They tend to spawn in groups of two to five, common around Tumbleweed and further south in the map.

We found a couple spawn points near the Sea of Coronado and Benedict Pass. 

Image via Rockstar

These are not the only locations where collared peccaries can be found, but both are reliable spawn locations. 

The daily challenge requires players to kill and skin the animal, which will anger Harriet if done too often. To avoid angering Harriet, lasso the animal and kill it with the knife. For some reason, Harriet’s not programmed (yet) to recognize this as killing her “friends” and will greet you kindly.