Where to find cows in New World

Check out the barns.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Some of the animals in New World are pretty easy for you to find, and they’re wandering around all over the place. There are a few creatures that you won’t much too often, though, and one of the ones you might struggle with are cows. You might need to locate cows to find them for quests or if you want to farm them for resources. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of locations that you can find cows in New World.

We’ve only seen cows appear in New World in Monarch’s Bluffs, primarily to the east of the region in the Moonshade area. From there, you want to venture through Lakeside Farm and Farside Township. Both of these locations have a handful of cows in them that you can regularly find and hunt. Players have also reported that there is a cow further north, near Crone’s Rest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

These animals are used to being on a farm, so they won’t put up a fight like many of the other predators you may have come accustomed to fighting while exploring the game. However, there are other level 20 enemies nearby both of these farms.

Once you take down a farm, you’ll have to harvest them for resources. Make sure you reach at least level 25 with Tracking and Skinning to acquire these resources.