Where to find crude metal in Windbound

Learn where you can mine this resource.

Where to find crude metal in Windbound

Windbound, as a survival game, is full of crafting materials that you can use to build other items. One such material is crude metal, which can be used to make things to protect yourself and your boat from harm.

Finding out where crude metal is hidden, though, can prove tricky. You can easily miss the location of this vital ingredient if you don’t scour every island thoroughly. If you manage to find some, you might not even have the tools necessary to mine it either.

Let’s begin with where you can find crude metal. Crude metal is located on swamp-filled islands. You will know you’ve found this specific piece of land if you sail into a foggy area, and has plenty of sharp rocks and dead trees surrounding it.

Where to find crude metal in Windbound

If you explore these islands, you will eventually come across light gray, rectangular objects with a small crack in them. This is where you can find crude metal. To excavate it, you will need a hammer, and you must strike the deposit three times to break it. Each deposit gives you one crude metal piece, but plenty of these plinths are near each other, so you can mine seven or eight in one go.

You can beat Windbound without crude metal, but having some will make your life much easier, especially if you selected Survivalist difficulty mode at the beginning. You can make any of the items below using crude metal, so pick some up along the way.

  • Armored bag (two crude metal)
  • Metal hull armor (two crude metal)
  • Metal hull spikes (two crude metal)
  • Metal kiln (two crude metal)
  • Wood chest (one crude metal)