Where To Find Eevee in Pokemon Sun And Moon

In Pokemon Sun And Moon, Eevee is the special type of pokemon with many different evolutions. You will find Eevee pokemon in second Island. The Pokemon can be found in both Sun and Moon. The guide gives the information about where to catch Eevee in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

EEVEE Location - Pokemon Sun and Moon

Where to Find Eevee:

In order to catch the Eevee, you need to go to the second Alola Region Island, Akala Island. Once you are there, you need to go to the Pokemon Ranch and near the Ranch, before the Town, you will find Eevee spawning.

And also you can find Eevee in the center of the map where some trails surrounded by grass with a wooden village near to it. Almost in every grass patch, you will get to see Eevee. All you have to do is a battle with it and catch it.

After when you catch Eevee, you can find the Water Stone for Eevee in the Akala Island in the Route 8. You will find it near the Forest Trail, before entering the forest, on the left you will see some water, you will also see some guys training near the water, under the water, you will find a water stone.

You can also find the Fire Stone for Eevee in the Akala Island, after crossing grass Trail. You need to go to the Diglett’s cave nearby the staircase up. You need to break the rocks to get the Fire Stone.

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