Where to find Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise

The Eroded Skeletons can still be useful in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise The Rampage

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Eroded Skeleton is one of the pieces you’ll need to craft several of the armor and weapon equipment in Monster Hunter Rise. You can find it in specific locations throughout the game, but making sure you know where to go is pretty important. In this guide, we’re going to cover where you need to go to find Eroded Skeletons in Monster Hunter Rise.

There are several ways for you to obtain an Eroded Skeleton. You can earn through completing low-rank quests or by searching through the low-rank regions of the Sandy Plains. The Sandy Plains is the only location containing Eroded Skeleton, so we highly recommend grabbing low-rank missions for this region to farm it quickly.

These are all of the locations you can find Eroded Skeletons in the upper region of the Sandy Plains.

These are all of the locations you can find Eroded Skeletons in the lower region of the Sandy Plains.

You won’t always receive an Eroded Skeleton resource drop, but there’s a good chance of it appearing at these locations. Beyond these locations, the low-rank three and four-star village quests or the two Hub quests are another way to earn them. You can also earn some from the optional quests, but the Sandy Plains skeleton locations are your best way to obtain them.