Where to find every Bracelet in Lil Gator Game

Climb as swift as a coursing river.

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If you want to traverse the islands in Lil Gator Game easily, you are going to need to do some platforming and climbing. Similarly to Breath of the Wild, you are working with a stamina meter when you attach yourself to a surface. Luckily, you can increase your climbing power by acquiring four Bracelets and even gain infinite stamina. Here are all of the Bracelet locations in Lil Gator Game.

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All Bracelet locations in Lil Gator Game

All of the Bracelets in Lil Gator Game are acquired from a monkey for 500 Crafting Bits a piece that you can find in specific locations. The first one is on the tutorial island in front of a waterfall near where you get your Pot Lid Shield from Martin.

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The next location is at the very highest point of the highest mountain on the main island above Avery’s group of friends. Use the nearby tree to get to a point where you can jump and glide over to the peak.

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After you have at least two Bracelets, make your way to the tree fort where Jill’s group is. Climb to the very top, where you can find the monkey sitting in a nest.

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The final Bracelet is on top of the wind turbine overlooking the waterpark where Martin’s group is. If you are having trouble climbing straight up, be sure to reach the top of a tree where you can stand and recover your stamina.

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Once you have acquired all four Bracelets, you will learn that they did nothing to give you the stamina to climb higher. With this in mind, Gator learns they have a ton of strength in them already, and you will gain infinite stamina for climbing. You will no longer have to worry about sliding down walls.