How to get every weapon in Lil Gator Game

Armed to the teeth.

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Lil Gator Game wears its Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild influeneces heavily on its sleeve, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t divert and set its own course. As you play through this short adventure, you will be equipped with all kinds of equipment to help you. In total, you can come across 12 different weapons by exploring and completing various objectives. Here is how to get all of the weapons in Lil Gator Game.

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How to get all weapons in Lil Gator Game


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Your first weapon in Lil Gator Game will be the Stick. After the friend group’s plan to make their adventure look fun to Big Sis is planned out, find Jill and follow the path behind her to find the Stick stuck in the ground.

Wooden Sword

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After defeating all of the “monsters” around Jill, turn around and head back to where you found the Stick. A duck named Franny will be here looking for her that Stick. Talk to her and tell her the truth that you took the Stick, and she will give you the Wooden Sword.

Grabby Hand

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The Grabby Hand can be purchased from Roy the Raccoon for 299 Crafting Bits.


Similar to the Grabby Hand, you will need to purchase the Wrench from Roy the Raccoon for 299 Crafting Bits.


To get the Nunchaku, you will need to find Romeo in a camp area near a lake. He will have you defeat five shadow monsters around the area in a time limit and then give you this item to hit his friend Oscar with.

Bug Net

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After finding Jill and her friends who are working on various science projects, talk to Antone the lizard to be given a Bug Net to catch a Hercules Beetle with.

 Paleolithic Tool

Susanne is located on the opposite side of the tree from Antone. First, she will have you retrieve a beach rock that can be found on the beach near Billy the whale, who is straight down the stream and down a waterfall from you. Return with the rock and Susanne will have you strike the rock a bunch until it becomes this weapon.


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You can find Leeland overlooking the sea on top of a cliff with a bunch of monsters behind him. Destroy the monsters and he will be upset because he put a lot of work into making those. When he asks how many Crafting Bits were dropped. Say 150, and he will give you the Paintbrush.

Oversized Pencil

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When you find Sam, he will drop his Oversized Pencil three times in the area around him. Pick it up each time and you will earn the weapon afterward.

Princess Wand

Out in the forest near your Big Sis is a little girl waiting for her mom to get off the phone so they can have a tea party. Destroy the brown monsters without touching the pink ones. Then talk to the mom to reunite them and get the Princess Wand.

Laser Sword

When working with Avery’s group of friends, Andromeda will have you take down two waves of enemies and the alien mothership. Completing this will give you the Laser Sword.

Cardboard Spear

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When working Avery’s group of friends, to the left of Velma will be Luisa who has fallen down. Talk to her and be kind and she will give you the Cardboard Spear.