Where to find Garlic in New World

Don’t add too much to your chicken.

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Garlic is one of the 12 herb resources you can find in New World. You’ll need it to level up your cooking skill and create some of the more complicated recipes. However, if you want to regularly craft some of the better food, mana, and buff-related foods, you’ll want to store plenty of Garlic in the storage chest of your favorite settlement. This guide will share all of the locations you find Garlic in New World and what plant you need to harvest to find it.

The Garlic you’re looking for will drop off from herb resource nodes. These are a common sight in New World, but not every herb plant will drop the same ingredients. It all depends on what region you’re harvesting it from. For example, some herbs can only be found in Everfall and First Light, and others will only spawn in Monarch’s Bluff or Cutlass Keys. Here are all of the herb locations you can find in New World, but if you’re looking for Garlic, you want to go to the herbs in Everfall and Brightwood.


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Both Everfall and Brightwood only have a handful of herb locations, so you’re going to struggle to try to find these resources out in the wild. We recommend you stick to the west side of Everfall to farm the nodes that are right on the border of Monarch’s Bluff. There are numerous right over for players who regularly use these ingredients in their recipes.

When harvesting a herb plant you’re going to need a sickle tool in your inventory. While you do need a sickle, there is no harvesting level requirement to pick up this resource.