Where to find Glowworm Bait in New World

You need to wait for the right moment.

Image by Amazon Game Studios

The type of bait you use while fishing in New World determines your luck in capturing some of the rarer fish. There are plenty of different kinds of fish you can acquire, and one of them is the Glowworm Bait. Unfortunately, you won’t find it as often as you do the other types of bait, and it can be a little tricky to find if you don’t know what you need to do to find it.

When you’re looking for Glowworm Bait, you can find it whenever you’re searching for flint. You can find flint all over New World, usually on the ground close to water sources. However, what makes Glowworm Bait unique is that you can only find it when it’s nighttime. If it’s not night, you’re only going to find Nightcrawler Bait when you pick up flint. we could find quite a bit of Glowworm Bait when we ran around flipping over flint nodes next to an ocean.

With plenty of Glowworm Bait in your inventory, you’ll want to go fishing and try to go after fish that you can find in saltwater. Glowworm Bait gives you a significant boost to capturing better fish in this region, so it’s not the type of bait you want to use when attempting to catch fish in rivers and freshwater sources.