Where To Find Grizzbolt & How To Catch Them in Palworld

Grizzbolt can be your first legendary Pal in Palworld, you just need to look in the right place.

Grizzbolt Palworld

Image by Gamepur

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Grizzbolt is a huge electric bear, and with the right location and combat strategy, he can be yours in Palworld. During the game’s advertisement campaign, the image that cemented Palworld as Pokemon with guns features a custom character riding Grizzbolt sporting a mini-gun.

Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do as soon as I set foot on my Island was to look and hunt for this mini-gun-wielding electrical bear, only to find out the mini-gun is an accessory you’re meant to give him. Mini-gun or not, Grizzbolt is still a legendary Pal worth having in your party. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find and catch Grizzbolt in Palworld.

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Where to Catch a Grizzbolt in Palworld?

grizzbolt spawn location
Screenshot by Gamepur

Grizzbolt spawns on the Island across the Sea Breeze Archipelago in the southeast corner of the map in Palworld.

Before heading there, make sure you’re over level 20, since Grizzbolt, or any of the other pals roaming this Island for that matter, won’t be easy to beat.

To get to the Island in the southeast corner of the map, you’ll need to upgrade your stamina stats and get a flying mount to get you across to the Island where Grizzbolt spawns in Palworld

I got here pretty early with just a Nitewing, a Nitewing saddle, 250 stamina stats, and a lot of willpower. I’d recommend letting your mount’s stamina depleted, sacrificing a bit of their health, and then jumping off and swimming to the Island’s shores. Once you’re there, call your mount back to their Pal Sphere before they drown. 

How to Catch a Grizzbolt in Palworld

Grizzbolt catch Palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

To catch a Grizzbolt in Palworld, pack some Giga or Hyper Spheres and a ground-type pal and head to the Island on the map’s southeast corner.

If you’re over level 20, you won’t have much trouble defeating Grizzbolt with a ground-type pal like a Digtoise or a Reptyro. Electric Pals are weak to ground types and strong against water types, so avoid those at all costs.

When a Grizzbolt’s health is below 25%, whip out an advanced Pal Sphere like a Giga Sphere or even a Hyper Sphere to increase your chances of success. 

If you’re low-level like me, make sure you fly-swim back to the safety of your base as soon as you’ve caught Grizzbolt in Palworld. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time to come back to this forsaken island later in the game.