Where To Find Penking in Palworld & How To Beat It

All penguins should be regarded as royalty in Penking’s memory in Palworld.

Penking in Palworld

Image by Gamepur

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Penking is a Pengullet, that tiny ice penguin you keep running into, but in XXL form in Palworld.

Palworld has no shortage of equally deadly and cute Pals to catch. As you embark on this quest to catch ’em all, you’ll often run into bigger, deadlier Palworld that takes some extra effort to beat and catch: alpha Pals. Penking is a fire and ice royalty Pal who you can bring to your Pal party if you can find and capture them first. In this guide, I’ll show you Penking’s spawn location in Palworld and how you can beat them.

How to Find Penking in Palworld

Penking Spawn Location
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Penking spawns in the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings (X: 118; Y:-348) in the Windswept Hills and the island in the southeast corner of the map in Palworld.

If you’re in the early game (1-15 levels), your best chance is to look for Penking in the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings level 15 dungeon. This dungeon usually spawns in the Windswept Hills. Here, you’ll have to face a level 15 Penking with its army of 5 Pengullets. 

If you’ve already beaten this Penking and are over level 25, head to the circle-shaped island in front of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway. This is in the southeast corner of the map, right across the sea. Penkings roam this area freely in Palworld, but they are level 25 and much deadlier than the one you faced earlier.

Alternatively, Penking can also be acquired from the Black Market or hatched from large frozen eggs you can either find in the ice biome or breed in your base.

How to Beat Penking Boss in Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings

Penking Boss Palworld
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To beat Penking, focus on taking down its Pengullet army while dodging any incoming attacks from Penking themselves in Palworld.

While Pengullets are lower-leveled and deal way less damage than Penking, their damage can easily stack up. Don’t let them hang around and shoot their ice attacks at you; take them down first thing as soon as you enter the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings dungeon.

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Once they’ve been taken down, focus on beating Penking in Palworld. While they’re a heavy attacker, they’re also pretty weak themselves, especially when it comes to fire-type and electric-type pals. If you’ve got any Foxparks or Sparkits, bring them along.

TIP: Avoid riding a mount while fighting Penking so this Pal can operate separately from you and tank damage.

A solid strategy to beat Penking in Palworld is to keep the distance, and deal ranged damage. Whenever they get closer, hide behind one of the room’s pillars to avoid taking damage. Stay hidden until Penking targets your Pal again before going back to attack. Keep at it, and Penking will be down in no time.

You can get Ancient Technology Points from Penking once in Palworld, but that doesn’t mean you can spam this dungeon every hour or so to catch them over and over.

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