Where to find Heracross in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Find out where to find this beefy beetle in the Paldea region.

Screenshot via Gamepur

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has a lot of Pokémon for players to find, making the process of creating your team or completing the Pokédex a lengthy one. To help speed things along for you, we’ve put together this short guide on where to find and how to catch Heracross, the bug/fighting type from Pokémon Gold and Silver, so that you can get this heavy-hitting Pokémon for your team.

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How to catch Heracross in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Heracross is a relatively easy Pokémon to find and catch since they only spawn in two relatively small areas in Paldea, meaning it shouldn’t take too long to get your hands on this Pokémon. As shown in the habitat map below, Heracross can be found in the Northwestern corner of the map in Casseroya Lake, where you can find them in the grassy areas near the top forest area of the lake. You can also find them in North Province (Area Two) in the Northeastern region of the map. Heracross tends to be around trees, and both these areas have many of them, so be sure to keep your eye on them, and you should see one quickly.

Screenshot via Gamepur

In our case, we found a few Heracross at around levels 51-54 in Casseroya Lake by the path in the forest area, which can be found above the lake. Given their larger size compared to other Pokémon, it should be pretty easy to spot Heracross amongst the grass and trees. If you plan to add this buff bug/fighting type to your team, we recommend using a Pokémon at around the same level to avoid knocking them out by mistake. We also suggest you use fire, flying, psychic, and fairy moves, as these move types are super effective against Heracross, and use a grass, fighting, ground, bug, or dark type Pokémon as these are resistant to bug and fighting types.