Where to find heron beaks in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

They’re large birds.

There are rich bounties of animals all over England, ripe for hunting in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. These animals have excellent sources beyond only their meat. Traders might want to use bear fur to keep warm or leather for their clothing. After you take down an animal, there are vital body parts you want to keep to sell to others, and heron beaks are an ideal choice. You’ll need these to complete challenges and trading orders you can find at your camp.

Herons are all over the place in England. You can find them close to major waterways, and you’ve likely seen them flying overhead while you ride down a canal with your longship or when you’re running through the fields near a river. These large birds love the nearby fish, and if you’re near a location you can catch fish, you can expect to see a heron nearby. When they’re flying in the air, they’re a little more difficult to shoot down. You want to try and wait until they’re closer to the ground and sneak up on them.

Your bow is likely the best instrument for hunting and shooting them down. They typically yield one heron beak, so for a few of the orders at the hunting lodge, you’ll need to shoot down several of them. Another good strategy is to find a large cluster of them flying overhead.

The larger hordes of herons tend to fly down to the ground, regardless if you’re nearby or not. It makes taking them down far easier, and if you can get close enough, you can also use your melee weapon to eliminate them. Because they’re one of the easier animals to track and find in Valhalla, you shouldn’t have too many problems looting enough to fill the hunting lodge challenges.